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For Majdi and Ghada Abu Mustafa, their simultaneous search for a spouse turned out well, and the pair are now married.

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However, in recent years several of these romance games have found a way to break through that cultural barrier, helping otome spread to the U. According to academic Hyeshin Kim, who wrote about otome in her paper "Women's Games in Japan: Gendered Identity and Narrative Construction," otome games were originally developed for teen girls in Japan.

To the surprise of many, they became most popular with women in their twenties. RELATED: Japan is Hiring Professional Ninjas But for Akaya, the romance ends with the game. "It's a romance within that time period which is probably why I like it. Even with otome games slowly creeping into western culture, will they ever be as common as they are in Japan?

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Let’s cover the major video types from easiest to hardest access. Many of the major news networks release their news videos on their homepage, and do not limit it to people living in Japan.

What if you could have the perfect boyfriend at the touch of a button? Simulation games became popular in Japan in the 80's but the first one targeted towards women, called Angelique, was released in 1994 for Super Nintendo.

Otome is a dating simulation game that is essentially a modern romance novel targeted towards women.

There are many movies you can also buy from Amazon Japan or Yes Asia.

Depending on what or how much you buy, shipping may or may not be expensive.

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You really do feel like you're falling in love with somebody.

One last option is using Japanese i Tunes gift cards, which allow you access to the Japanese i Tunes movie library, at a pay per purchase option. J-dramas take longer to be released in physical format, and sometimes just aren’t ever.

However, the same options purchasing online are available.

On top of the fact that dating simulators are not very common in the U.

S., many otome games have Japanese cultural references that are lost on westerners. Cybird released Midnight Cinderella two years ago and they've since had 1.3 million downloads.